It’s been a neighbourhood landmark, the oldest shopping centre in the community, and a place filled with fond memories; The Meadows Village enjoyed a long reign as one of the premier retail centres in the area. However, we felt the time had come to give the area a makeover – so the centre will soon be demolished to make way for a brand new, even larger shopping avenue.

Residents were filled with nostalgia when the news was announced. "I was present at its opening and used to frequent it every few days. I am really going to miss it," said Ritu Kartha from Meadows 2. Becky Walsh was also sentimental about the venue, saying, "My friends and I meet here every week. I guess we will have to find another spot."
We’re sure it’ll be missed, but the newly opened Springs Souk should help ease the pain – with a variety of restaurants, salons, a fitness centre, clinic, hypermarket and even a multi-cuisine cinema, the gargantuan facility is located at Asayel Street after Springs 7.

Click here for a complete list of stores in The Springs Souk.