The Community Garden Challenge was a neighbourhood sensation, with over 150 green-thumbed residents from our villa communities flooding us with picturesque entries. Our judges were left spellbound by the varieties of flowering shrubs and trees that families in the community had passionately cultivated - in numerous instances, even children had pulled on their gardening gloves and played an active role in tending to the gardens! 

Winners and runners-up were selected in four categories - Best Landscaped Garden, Best Edible Garden, Best Creative Garden and Best Small Garden. The grand prize of AED 20,000 was reserved for an entry that successfully imbibed elements from each category for the perfect portrayal of a multifaceted garden that's beautiful, as well as functional.

Rahim Sajan won the grand prize of AED 20,000 for his enchanting garden. Featuring palm trees around the pool area, an edible garden with plenty of fruits and veggies, creepers twisting their way up the walls of the home and even hardscaping elements disguised to fit the theme, Rahim's garden kept throwing up new surprises with each viewing.

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CGC 2 Kai CGC 3 Bodil

CGC 4 Rasha CGC 5 Tazeen